1971s Vanishing Cape Breton Fiddler w Rankin Family

1971s Vanishing Cape Breton Fiddler w Rankin Family

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Geüpload door ceolach op 2 dec 2006 This clip is from the program The Vanishing Cape Breton Fiddler and is not available anywhere to my knowledge so I post it here for educational purposes since I don’t own the copyright. It was directed by its host Ron MacInnis.

Widely lauded for prompting a revival of fiddling in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia this clip features composer Dan R. MacDonald and a very young Rankin family circa 1971. Dan R. was John Allan Cameron’s uncle and influenced the youg Rankins when he lived next to them on Back St. in Mabou.

I’m finishing a book on Dan R.’s life and have collected a fair bit of info on him and his family. The last scene in the broadcast version of this film has Dan R. and a young John Morris Rankin walking down the road hand in hand. Touching scene.

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