Mail Kimberley Fraser 4 Aug 2011

Mail Kimberley Fraser 4 Aug 2011

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Date: Thu, 4 Aug 2011 11:03:22 -0400 Subject: questions From: To: Hi Dirk,

Good to hear from you. The books I’m referring to in the videos are probably the Skye Collection and the Athole Collection
Regarding key changes, traditionally in Cape Breton – in a march, strathspey, reel medley- you only change keys once you get to the reels- if you change keys at all. More often than not, you don’t hear any key changes in a medley except for in the same tonal center. Like going from A major to A minor- that is very common.
You may hear key changes in a jig medley, but again, there is no transitioning  to other tune types. You traditionally only hear jigs with jigs, not with any other type of tune.
So basically, key changes do not traditionally occur when transitioning to other types of tunes.
The more you listen to the music, the more that you’ll get a sense of how the key changes work.  Two albums I would recommend if you don’t have them already are Buddy MacMaster’s “Judique on the Floor” and Natalie MacMasters “Fit as a Fiddle”
Also, there is a lot of great material on youtube.
Hope that helps!
Take care,

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