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Open The door – Paul MacNeil & Jamie MacInnes

In my hands – Nathalie MacMaster’s

Failte – a cape Breton welcome
The heart of Cape Breton -fiddle Music live recordedalong the ceilidth trail – smithsonian folkways recordings 2002
souverenir 1989-1998 – Rankin Family


Cape Breton – violin

1.1. Andrea Beaton Cuts
1.2. Andrea Beaton License to Drive’er
1.3. Andrea Beaton Branches
1.5. Andrea Beaton  The Tape Session
1.6. Ashley MacIsaac Close to the Floor
1.7. The Beaton Family of Mabou Cape Breton Fiddle and Piano Music
1.8. Buddy MacMaster The Judique Flyer
1.9. Jerry Holland Fiddler’s Choice
1.10. Jerry Holland Parlor Music
1.11. Joe MacLean Old Time Scottish Fiddle Music from Cape Breton Island
1.12. Kimberley Fraser Falling On New Ground
1.13. Kimberley Fraser Heart Behind the Bow
1.14. Natalie MacMaster The Compilation
1.15. Natalie MacMaster In My Hands
1.16. Natalie MacMaster My Roots Are Showing
1.17. Natalie MacMaster No Boundaries
1.18. Kinnon, Andrea and Betty Beaton Cape Breton Live: Take 01
1.19. Various Artists Cape Breton Fiddle and Piano Music
1.20. Various Artists Failte: Airs and Waltzes
1.21. Various Artists Failte: A Cape Breton Welcome
1.22. Various Artists Failte: Traditions
1.23. Various Artists Traditional Music from Cape Breton Island
1.24. Kinnon Beaton Eoghan Dubh
1.25. Forrester’S Cape Breton Scottish Dance Company Music of Nova Scotia
1.26. Kinnon & Andrea Beaton Kinnon & Andrea Beaton
1.27. Kinnon Beaton Eoghan Dubh (óu an dhu), Black Hughie
1.28. Kinnon Beaton Tunesmith
1.29. Kinnon Beaton, Betty Beaton Cape Breton Fiddle Compilation
1.30. Various Artists The Heart Of Cape Breton: Fiddle Music Recorded Live Along The Ceilidh Trail


Canadian and PEI – Violin and 5-banjo

2.1. Ken Perlman Devil In The Kitchen
2.2. Ken Perlman Island Boy
2.3. Ti-Blanc Richard Du violon à la manière de Ti-Blanc
2.4. April Verch & Brian Wicklund American Fiddle Method – Canadian Fiddle Styles
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