Gaelic College-An Unparalleled Cultural Experience

Gaelic College-An Unparalleled Cultural Experience

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Geüpload op door gaeliccollege op 19 mei 2011 Experience the Gaelic culture and head back to school! The Gaelic College of Arts and Crafts is devoted to the preservation of the culture, music, language, arts and crafts.

The Gaelic College of Celtic Arts and Crafts, located at 51779 Cabot Trail Road, was founded in 1938 by Rev. A.W.R. MacKenzie as a school devoted to the study and preservation of the Gaelic language and Celtic arts and culture. The 350-acre property is situated in the heart of one of the earliest Scottish settlement in Cape Breton, the College began as a school of Gaelic language in a small log cabin overlooking St. Ann’s Bay.

From its humble beginnings, this unique institution has expanded and gained an international reputation for its contribution to the maintenance and preservation of the language and culture. The only institution of its kind in North America, students of all ages and ability travel here from around the world to study. Our world-class instructors offer programs in Scottish traditional disciplines including Gaelic language and song, music, dance and crafts.

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