Lesson 2 – Put me in the big chest

Lesson 2 – Put me in the big chest

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To Do

1. How to grip the bow – this is very important – to have a good bow grip – some tips and
° To play efficiently we need to try to have  loose wrist – in the cb style if music a lot of fast notes will be played – to do this properly and efficiently there is a lot to “hand-wrist” motion
°° to have a relaxed wrist – bend your thumb – do not look your thumb – first fingers falls on top and the other follows -(pink op het uiteinde houden)
°° do not look thumb, wrist, first fingers or hand
°° takes a lot of time and attention to keep relaxed fingers & wrist
° Keep the bow straight – therefore bend the elbow – exercise: do a full slow bow stroke while keep the bow straight rectangle position in regards to the violin – do also a straight bow up stroke – you need to keep the wrist straight in regards to the bow
° there are as much ways of holding bows as you have fiddle players – some people holds  their bow a way up the frog – in essence holding the bow needs to suit the players and the physics of his hand.
° to learn and resolve problems – you need to isolate them
° Bow grip depends upon style

° putting more than one note in a bow stroke
exercise: diatonic (see lesson 1)  – instead of each note separately – we slur two note up and two notes down
playing on lower strings – bring the elbow up

Put me in the big chest
Patternwhen a quarter note is played followed by two eight notes – the quarter is played down bow and the two eight note in slurred up bow.
Embellishment :
° the CUT –  in place of a quarter note we play two 16-notes and a eight note. – played down-up-down
° a typically grace note – typically  the note above the quarter melody note – this is an alternative for the cut to change the embellishment whilst playing – it sound more percussive than melodic – you play the melody note, the grace note is made by flicking the finger down and than quickly release it to play again the melody note – it is off-on-off –> LA – si – LA – total duration is still the initial duration – here one quarter – goal is to give the melody note more punch



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