Lesson 1 – put me in the big chest

Lesson 1 – put me in the big chest

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1. Learning by ear seems much more difficult than it actually is – I have learned the tune in 2 days – But I have to find a way to visualize in my head, whilst playing the tune, the measures and length of the notes itself so that making ornamentations can be made up without going to any sheet music. At the end I will put the tune onto paper otherwise I will probably forget overtime some personal ornamentation i will have made to the tune.
2. I fear for not been able to get the rythme so I can play on my own in a steady and relaxed way – I have to find a solution to keep my rythme at the same speed – probably playing with a metronome would be a help for improving this
3. The tune is very nice!!

To Do
1. Kimberley starts the session with playing the tune – she puts some ornamentation into it which at this point in time I do not grasp – I have to follow-up on this


1. Learning by ear — great advantages – taking the  attention away from the sheet music and puts the focus to the tune itself – memorizing the tune is much faster and learn also the specific style technique which you do not when learning it from from paper
– The first tune is “put me in the big chest” – title sounds – I do not know what it really means –
– The tune is a reel in the  key of A Major
exercise of playing a  one octave A Major scale starting at a on the a-string
exercise of playing another octave A Major scale starting at a on the lower g-string
– rules for learning a tune by ear
1° listen upfront a lot to the tune until you can sing it
2° cut the tune into smaller part – meaning sentences for this reel it
Opening question – First 4 bars
Answer – following 4 bars
etc . . .
3° Internalize the tune !!!! – try sing it to yourself – listen to it actively and passively

exercise – diatonic  A major scale op de la snaar en ook beginnen op de sol-snaar
La-string                                 Mi-string
la – si – do# -si – do# – re – do# – re – mi – fa# – re – mi – fa# – go# – etc




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