Lesson 7 – Tripper’s Jig

Lesson 7 – Tripper’s Jig

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Lesson 7: tripper ‘s jig
A-isch mode
a minor with g natural
A mixolydian

4 Parts – A B C B

A part starts with U
– 4 sections A1 A2 A’1 A2
B part idem with at the end dotted quarter
C part also 4 sections

Show a bowing that can used consistently 
A part in the first half a pair of up-bows with slur from A into the D
—-to do : put the bowing on sheetmusic
See minute 12.20
Also go to minute 19.00
Bowing is an essential part of a style – actual bowing for a piece can differs from player to player depending on his personal feeling/interpretation of the music

Use of metronomen
Play 6/8 at 2/4 because pulse is important not to hear each different 8the beat
It is better if you can switch off the different tone on the pulse like metronomes do.
Use metronome to excercise the dotted quarter in the B-part
Play the whole tune with metronome 


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