Lesson 4 – Largo Law part 2

Lesson 4 – Largo Law part 2

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Largo Law

I. Embellishments
3:40 – 1. Ending of part has a embellishment – 4 x 16th note a the end of Part A
5:00 – 2. 16 notes are bowed instead of slurring – bowing 16 notes is very common in strathspeys – gives a very percussive style
6:45 – 3. Fingered embellishments –

1 °add a grace note to the b in the A-part – several ways – flick of the finger – Add a grace note with the C# or D – very light to make the B note pop out

2° Add a grace note to the the open A note – same as above – either the second or third finger

3° Couple of graces on the same spots on the B and open A and in the second of the tune – by pulling off of on the open A

4° add a grace note or cut to THE open quarter e

5° add a drone to the open e with playing the e on the open à string with the 4 finger – when doing this start with a grace note with the c#.
excercise open a to 4 with drone on the open e, 1 to 4 with drone, 2 to 4 with drone,… And Back

II.Transition between Largo Law and Put me in the big chest
– both are 4/4 tunes
– pulse is different
– stratsphey has 4 pulses on 1-2-3-4
– reel has two pulses on 1-3
– march has two pulses
–> transition from stratsphey to reel is going from to 4 to 2 pulses
–>tempo ??? Is the tempo faster for a reel ?????
–> the transition needs to be smooth but once the reel has started it has quickly into the desired tempo within the first two measuresl

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