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  • Ceilidh in SW Margaree

    Ceilidh in SW Margaree

    Uploaded on Youtube by : Spike MacInnis

    Geupload op 8 apr 2007

    Cameron Chisholm violin
    Angus Allan Gillis violin
    Francis MacDonald violin
    Marion Gillis piano



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  • Cynthia MacLeod

    Cynthia MacLeod

    Uploaded by : ????

    Geupload op ??


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  • Dawn and Margie Beaton at the Red Shoe

    Dawn and Margie Beaton at the Red Shoe

    Uploaded by : GypsyBaron

    Geupload op 23 dec 2008

    My favorite Cape Breton redheaded sisters, Dawn & Margie Beaton, playing at the Red Shoe pub in Mabou, Oct 5, 2007.
    Robbie Fraser is on the piano.


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  • Hector The Hero – Jenna Reid with Aly Bain

    Geupload in YouTube op 22 sep 2007 by tomtscotland

    Jenna Reid – fiddle
    Aly Bain – fiddle
    Phil Cunningham – piano
    Jerry Douglas – dobro

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  • Jerry Holland

    Jerry Holland

    Source : YouTube
    Uploaded by : AshleyMacIsaacLIVE

    Geupload op 4 aug 2009

    Jerry Holland plays a few tunes in Thanks to the many who came out to perform and support, on the evening of July 12, 2007 at the beautiful Strathspey Place in Mabou , Inverness County , Cape Breton , Nova Scotia , Canada . It was a wonderful evening of Great performances , one after the other , as anyone in attendance would know . Thanks goes out to Strathspey Place for hosting this event , and all the volunteers who made it possible . Thanks to all the musicians who came from just down the road , to far and wide , just to be a part of this special event , in honor of Jerry Holland . Thanks goes out to David Rankin and his crew who worked the sound and lights just beautifully , like he does on every show at Strathspey Place .
    And finally , to Marion Dewar who graced our ears with her beautiful piano stylings and last but not least , Jerry Holland Jr. , who played snare drum beside his father , on this evening to remember . Thank You Jerry Holland for sharing your music with all of us … You will be sorely missed =/
    – Update – : Joella Foulds , Artistic Director of Celtic Colours , has announced , a Tribute to Jerry Holland will take place Saturday , October 17th at the Joan Harriss Cruise Pavilion in Sydney . Among those lined up to perform are Artists in Residence Maire O’Keeffe and Paul Cranford , Cape Breton fiddlers Howie MacDonald , Brenda Stubbert , and Dougie MacDonald , fiddler and guitarist Dave MacIsaac , piano players Hilda Chaisson-Cormier , Marion Dewar and son , Allan Dewar , fiddler Doug Lamey – grandson of Bill Lamey , from Boston MA , and Cape Breton guitarist Paul MacDonald . Multi-instrumentalist / songwriter J.P. Cormier has been added to the show . If you need more info , check out :



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  • Kimberley Fraser & Brenda Stubbert

    Kimberley Fraser Brenda Stubbert mirror image fiddling

    Uploaded by theresa8rn

    Geupload op 5 dec 2009

    Cape Breton fiddlers Kimberley Fraser & Brenda Stubbert play a mirror image encore fiddle tune to bring audience members to their feet Mac M. plays the piano


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  • Kimberley Fraser and Valley of the Moon Orchestra

    Kimberley Fraser and Valley of the Moon Orchestra

    Uploaded on Youtube by : Roland Sturm

    Geupload op 4 sep 2010

    Concert in Santa Cruz at the end of the Valley of the Moon Scottish Fiddle Camp, September 2010.
    Cape Breton Set of March, Strathspey and Reel in D. The first tune is a variation of “Bonaparte crossing the Rhine”, but Kimberley calls it “Braes of Dunvegan”, don’t have names for the other two tunes.


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  • Kinnon and Betty Beaton

    Kinnon and Betty Beaton

    Uploaded by : Spike MacInnis·

    Geupload op 19 jun 2007 Kinnon does a great rendition of Tullochgorum accompanied on piano by his wife Betty Lou. Concert in Mabou mid 80’s


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  • Kinnon and Betty Beaton at the Doryman

    Kinnon and Betty Beaton at the Doryman


    Uploaded by : GypsyBaron
    Geupload op 23 dec 2008
    Cape Breton fiddler Kinnon Beaton and his wife, Betty. Playing at the
    Doryman pub in Cheticamp. Saturday, Oct 13, 2007.


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  • MacLellan Trio at West Mabou Dance 1994

    MacLellan Trio at West Mabou Dance 1994

    Uploaded by : ceolach
    Geupload op 5 aug 2007
    I recorded this at West Mabou Dance. It was the night Ashley was playing at Glencoe and anyone who went to Ashley missed a heck of a dance. They started slow but it picks up near the end. Great dance and the last time I saw the MacLellan Trio.


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  • Stan Chapman

    Stan Chapman

    Source : YouTube
    Uploaded by : photofiddler

    Geupload op 18 nov 2007

    Stan has taught the best of the younger generation of Cape Breton Fiddlers including Natalie MacMaster and Ashley MacIsaac. He is a fine player too as this clip from a jam at the Judique Celtic Music centre shows.



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  • The MacLellan Trio

    The MacLellan Trio

    Source : YouTube
    Uploaded by : Spike MacInnis

    Geupload op 13 mrt 2007

    Big Pond 1985


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