The project has three main objectives

A. General understanding the music history and culture of Cape Breton
B. (!)Understand and learn the Cape Breton style of music in all its aspects (dance, song and instrumental)
C. Learn to play 2 medleys

1. History & Culture (A)
– Influence of international politics during the period 16-18 century (A.1)
– Description of the history and culture mainly from 17-18 century (A.2)
– Relationship between Scotland and Cape Breton (A.3)
– Migrations from Scotland. . . (A.4)
-. . .

2. Traditional music (B)
– What is traditional music – determining an operational definition (B.1)
—- What is authenticity (B.2)
—- Non-comm & comm (B.3)
– What is Celtic folk music and how CB situates this? (B.4)
– What is the importance of folk music in general and in particular for CB (B.5)
– There is an ‘invention of tradition “been? (B.6)

3. description of the Cape Breton music (C)
– General style and shape characteristics (Instruments, shapes, musical accompaniment, used scales, rhythm, …) (C.1)
– Characteristics violin music (Bow Technique, decorations, …) (C.2)
– How to Play eg: medleys (C.3)
– Types of music – dance, song and instrumental (C.4)
– Dance: job, description, detailed example (C.5)
– Song: job, description, detailed example (C.6)
– Instrumental: job, description, worked examples (C.7)
– Clog, reel, jig, march, strathspeys,. . . (C.5.1)

4. Musical examples (D)
– Tea Gardens / Mrs McGhee / Fraser’s Jig / The Old Dutch Churn – (D.1)
– The Duke of Fife’s Welcome to Deeside / Miss Ann MacNamara / Dusky Meadow / Sandy Cameron / St. Kilda’s Wedding Reel / The Trip to Windsor – (D.2)

5. output
– Document in PDF, website and paper
– DVD with music videos and examples

6. For the following types of information will sources can be used
– Websites and literature on Cape Breton
– sheet music
– Online Cape Breton music lessons from Kimberley Fraser
-. . .

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